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Are you an offensive skill football player eager to enhance your game in Utah County? Join us for high-energy group sessions and personalized coaching led by former D1 player and Zach's brother, Kyle. Elevate your skills, refine your technique, and dominate the field like never before! Stay up to date for training location and times.

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Utah County Group Training

Group Training+ Package available upon arrival at training*

Utah County Private Training

Private trainings are limited to two athletes per session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Where are the trainings Located?

Right now we have trainings located in Cache Valley, Utah County, and St. George. The field at which trainings are subject to change.

How long are the trainings?

Trainings are 60 minutes (1 Hour).

How much do the trainings cost?

Group Training - $30-$35

Private Training (2 person Max) - $45

If you plan to train consistently, reach out about the 4/5 session package plan to save you some money.

Can I bring friends to a training?

Bring all your friends. Just make sure they register for a training beforehand.

What am I going to learn at these trainings?

You will learn all the fundamentals needed to excel as a wide receiver. You will be taught various drills related to releases, route running, and catching. With consistent work with Air Show, you will be the receiver you are striving to be.

Can I get training during the season?

If time permits and you want a little extra training, then of course you can get training during the season.

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